Written by Christie Porcelli, Marketing Intern

First: Clothes & the Cap and Gown


A couple of bits of advice about preparing for graduation from The Daily Southerner is to wear comfortable shoes… and to make sure all needed clothing is ready the day before. (Another good suggestion is to get your camera and phone charged, and have the necessary memory devices).

You also have to think ahead about the graduation gown. Since these gowns are prepackaged and folded up, it’s a good idea to take them out of the packaging and hang them up to get the wrinkles out. If you decide to iron the gown, do so on a very low setting. Steam ironing is not recommended since the gown is made of synthetic materials and is extremely flammable, and could melt!

Your grad may want to decorate his/her hat, so stop by the party store! While there, grab some favors with the graduation year to take to the ceremony and for a graduation party.

Second: Memories

Collect some of your favorite pictures from over the years and make a collage or display photos in an album placed on a specially decorated table. You want to show your grad how far they’ve come and how much they’ve grown up.

Third: Have a Party!

Graduation Food
photo credit: trazomfreak via photopin cc

Send invites and/or announcements to all friends and family to acknowledge the graduation.

GraduationParty.com is an online site that answers frequently asked questions about graduation parties including “Who should be invited?” and “What if it rains?”

Maybe you’d like a theme for the Graduation party. At Party411.com, for instance, there are ideas of whether a luau, sports, or a “Land of Oz” party is

the way to go.

Fourth: Focus on Food

Food is always important at a celebration, and a graduation party is no exception! Whether it’s going out to dinner, having a buffet or a BBQ at home, your grad and his/her friends will enjoy good food and good company.

Some creative food ideas from About.com include Smiling Grad Cupcakes and a Graduation Diploma Wrap. Check out our Graduation Related Food board on Pinterest for other ideas.

Fifth: A Special Gift – Sign It!

Autograph frame

Buy a simple t-shirt or a plain pillowcase for all of the party guests to sign (fabric marker a must so writing won’t smudge).

Also, try to find a photo frame that has a large matting area so guests can sign their names and write a short message to the new grad! These frames are known as autograph frames, and your grad can put their favorite picture of Graduation Day or the graduation party in the frame. What a great memento!

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