Framing a Gift for Mom

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Let’s talk moms.  Mother’s Day is fast approaching. The rush is on to get the special gift that will show Mom just how much you appreciate her.

Flowers are fine. No mom will sneeze at flowers (unless she has allergies). Candy is a tasty, indulgent treat. Mom won’t say no to candy (unless she’s a diabetic).

Those gifts are wonderful. Mom will love ’em.

Yet, maybe Mom would appreciate a gift that will last a lifetime. How about that family photo Mom’s been talking about for years? Seems like she’s been asking about it forever. Of course she has! Maybe not in so many words, but you know a great family portrait is a gift any mom would appreciate.

If you are going to go all out on such a picture, don’t forget the frame.

A beautiful picture deserves a beautiful frame. Sure, you could get a frame at the same box store where you got that Mother’s Day card, but doesn’t mom deserve a little more?

Choose a quality picture frame from Church Hill Classics. When it comes to frames, a Church Hill Classics frame is the Mother’s Day equivalent to a dozen roses.

These wonderful frame are all made in Connecticut by a business with a proven track record of producing quality products.

We know moms. Church Hill Classics was founded by a mom. There is an appreciation of family with Church Hill Classics. That’s why it is so important to us to deliver a wonderful frame to preserve and protect a cherished family portrait. Church Hill Classics offers a wide selection of photo frames. You can even design your own custom photo frame. Or give Mom the gift of one of our eGift Cards to let mom choose and design her perfect frame. Mom will love it. Oh, and don’t forget the flowers.


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