Frame My Future Scholarship Entry Advice

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It’s the beginning of February, and we have about a month and a half left for the “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2010 entry period. It’s been a great entry period so far, with over 3,850 entries to date. Students have been very creative for their chance to win one of five $1,000 scholarships, plus a possible donation to their 2010-2011 attended college or university.


Entries are coming in from all across the country, from students attending all different types of schools, and students of all ages. We have entries from high school seniors, current college students, and non-traditional students who are coming back to school. The beauty of this contest – it’s open to any legal US resident who will be attending college for the 2010-2011 academic year!
For those students still working on their entries here are a few suggestions:

  • Keep in mind, the main concept of this scholarship is creativity and originality! To enter, you have to create something that expresses how you frame your future. Original entry pieces can be a photograph you’ve taken, a work of art you’ve created, a graphic piece you’ve designed, a poem you’ve written, a collage you’ve compiled, or anything you can create and submit within one image. The key point is that your “Frame My Future” entry is something YOU have created yourself. Sometimes I see people trying to submit just a piece of clip art from Google, or using a photo that is clearly not theirs because it has a watermark across it. Please submit your own work! If our scholarship seems like one you’d be interested in entering, but you aren’t quite sure on the type of entry to create or if it fits the concept, take a look at last year’s Frame My Future Winners and Finalists.
  • Your original entry piece needs to be in a JPEG or JPG image file format. If you have created a file that isn’t in this format, you will need to resave it as a JPEG in order for it to be properly submitted through the online entry form. If you’ve created your entry in a Word document or PowerPoint slide, there isn’t a clear option to save your file as a JPEG image. Your best bet is to print out your final entry, and then to scan it onto your computer. When you scan it, select the option to save your file as a JPEG or JPG file.
  • Review your work before you submit your entry. Before you upload your entry to the online form and fill out your 500 character accompanying description, make sure this is the final version of what you plan to submit. Review your entire submission and be sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors and that it follows all of the official rules. Have someone review your work for you to be sure you didn’t miss anything. Once an entry has been submitted, no changes may be made.
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    Don’t wait until the last minute to enter. If you plan on entering, complete your entry and submit it to the online entry form with plenty of time before the deadline. You never know what problems you might run in to if you wait until the last minute: your computer could crash, your internet might be down, your file might not be in the correct format or within the size constraints, you could have problems filling out the form, etc. Don’t miss your chance for a “Frame My Future” Scholarship because you ran out of time. The entry cut off is March 15th at 10 am EST, no exceptions!


While I wrote this blog specific to the “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2010, the basic concepts can be applied to other scholarships you may be applying for. If anyone has any other comments or questions about our “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest, or other scholarship tips, please post in the comment section.
If you would like to enter Church Hill Classics’ “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2010, please view the main scholarship page at for full details, official rules, the online entry form, and to view entries already submitted for this year.

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