Frame My Future 2010 Honorable Mentions – Week 3

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Featuring Honorable Mentions 17-23

Week #3 of Honorable Mentions is here! Take a look through 7 more entries recognized from over 9,000 this year! Congratulations to these 7 students for their amazing submissions.


Click the images to view their full entry and school they are currently attending. Be sure to comment on the blog about your favorites and share what you love about these students’ entries!


Katie Blankenbaker’s Entry

Click Here To View Katie Blankenbaker's Full Entry


Laura Combow’s Entry

Click Here To View Laura Combow's Full Entry


Lauren Scott’s Entry

Click Here To View Lauren Scott's Full Entry


Lisa VanderHagen’s Entry

Click Here To View Lisa VanderHagen's Full Entry


Lorna Yarberry’s Entry

Click here to view Lorna Yarberry's Full Entry


Mariana Stavig’s Entry

Click Here To View Mariana Stavig's Full Entry

Michael Stowe’s Entry

Click Here To View Michael Stowe's Full Entry

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