Frame My Future 2010 Honorable Mentions – Week 1

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It’s the end of our second annual “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest, and compared to last year’s 3,300 entries, we had over 9,000 creative submissions!


Similar to last year, a panel of judges worked to narrow down to a collection of 54 entries – representing the top .6% of all entries! Then we had a company wide vote to select our 24 Finalists. Remember Lauren’s blog from last year about the company voting and selecting 24 Finalists for the “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2009? Well it was very similiar, where every employee was allowed a certain amount of votes, and this decided our Finalists!

The 24 Finalists moved onto the next phase of public voting, and the other 30 entries have been named as the “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2010 Honorable Mentions. To recognize our Honorable Mention students and their inspiring work, we will be featuring them on our blog over the next few weeks. Be sure to take some time to revisit the blog these following weeks, and view their amazing entries!

Below are eight of our 2010 Honorable Mention entries. Click on their images to view their full entry. Enjoy!


Anna Vallery’s Entry

Click To View Anna Vallery's Full Entry


Bruce Murray’s Entry

Click To View Bruce Murray's Full Entry


Chloe Shipko’s Entry

Click To View Chloe Shipko's Full Entry



Cindie Prahl’s Entry

Click To View Cindie Prahl's Full Entry


Cindy Huynh’s Entry

Click To View Cindy Huynh's Full Entry



Cody Memmel’s Entry

Click To View Cody Memmel's Full Entry



Cullen Bryan’s Entry

Click To View Cullen Bryan's Full Entry


Daniel Radil’s Entry

Click To View Daniel Radil's Full Entry

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