Easily Hang your Art and Documents!

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If you have ever had trouble hanging artwork, there is a new tool available from Qwik Pix Hangers, that will help you easily and quickly hang your art or documents in just four simple steps! It is ideal for displaying an arrangement of framed pictures because it allows you to place the picture exactly where you want it. With Qwik Pix, you can avoid common hanging mistakes like placement too high, too low, or putting extra holes in the wall! 

(Image thanks to www.qwikpixhangers.com)

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Step 1 Step 2 Step 3

Step 1: Hang your picture on the hook located at the bottom of the hanger and place it against the wall where you want it to hang

Step 2: Make a pencil mark on the wall next to the reference mark on the hanger, and then remove the picture from the hook.

Step 3: Realign the hanger with the reference mark on the wall. Then, make a pencil mark in the hole under the little hook.

Step 4: Remove the hanger from the wall and hammer a nail in the pencil mark you just made under the hook. Hang your picture!

To see a demonstration of how the Qwik Pix Hanger works, click here to view one of their commercials. Please visit the Qwik Pix Hangers website for more information about, or to order this easy to use and convenient product.

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