Dorm Room Decorating – Beyond Cookie Cutter

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by Melanie Kondor, former Marketing intern

Real Students and Their Ideas

Decorating a new dorm room all your own (or half your own, half your roommate’s) can be exciting. The majority of college dorms start off with empty white, usually cinder-block, walls. This gives students the opportunity to be creative and colorful!
Decorating dorm room with Christmas lights

Where to Shop

Artistically decorated dorm room

There are so many options and so many stores to choose from, and it is fun to see how different your friends’ rooms look from your own. Many college students shop at Walmart or IKEA to find cheap furniture and kitchen products. Walmart is perfect for inexpensive school supplies, clothing, storage options, and many other items that college students use in their dorms. IKEA is great for do-it-yourself type furniture, but is a little more expensive than Wal-Mart.

How They Fix Up Their Rooms

One student from the University of Hartford, Alyssa, loves to shop at Target. She found everything she needed to make her on-campus apartment feel like a home away from home at Target, including bed sheets, decorative pillows, and cute décor for her bathroom as well.Karen, a senior at Central Connecticut State University, ordered all of her posters from to complete her apartment’s look this year. This website often has sales and discounts on shipping which is why Karen and many other college students enjoy using it.

A senior at UCONN, Joseph, decorated his dorm for the holiday season with festive Christmas lights that he purchased from can be a useful website for just about anything that a college student could even dream of having in their dorm.

Joe, an architecture student at Roger Williams University, decorated his dorm room with photos he took, and posters from FYE and Newbury Comics. Joe is really into photography and drawing, so the majority of his dorm décor is handmade.Dorm room with posters

Other students found great deals at local dollar stores or even at Ocean State Job Lot, which is local to the northeast. This store sells just about everything from school supplies like notebooks and pens, to beauty products like soap and deodorant. Dollar stores are also great places to find things like paper plates and cups for a dorm or apartment.

Personally, I decorated my bedroom at the University of Hartford with a collage of pictures of family and friends from my hometown. This really reminds me of home and it makes me feel like I never left! I printed out tons of pictures from an online order to My walls are also covered with various drawing that my sister made for me over the last three years of college. I picked up some great picture frames from Jo-Ann Fabrics and filled them with memories of home. Lasting Memories Banner Photo Frame

 width=Lasting Memories Banner Collage and Circle Logo Photo Frames are terrific too! Photo frames are customized with school color mats, and with the school name and sports logo or seal.

If your school is like my school, the University of Hartford, you can find poster and tapestry sales each semester. These are awesome because they are right there on campus! You can stop by on your walk home from class and pick up posters of celebrities, gorgeous beach scenery, a shot of the New York City skyline, or just about anything. You can ask about this information usually in the student union on campus, or even ask some of the upperclassmen around campus.

Updating As Time Goes By

Having your own space to decorate is exciting for college students, but oftentimes a dorm room is never complete. For many students, decorating happens all year long as new pictures are taken with new friends, or as posters and frames go on sale at a variety of stores. Overall there are many things one can do to make a dorm room feel homey, but it’s up to you to decide what’s best for your space!

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