Church Hill Classics Celebrates 25 Years

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So, what were you doing 25 years ago?

We know, we know. It can be difficult to remember what you were doing yesterday, much less trying to remember what you were doing a quarter century ago.

Here’s something that was happening in 1991. A Connecticut company was in its infancy stage, operating on a small scale out of a basement in a single home. However, the one thing that was there from the birth of the business was a commitment to quality. Small businesses do not grow and reach the quarter century mark by taking shortcuts.

25 years later, Church Hill Classics continues to lead the way in quality framing for cherished documents. This is a company that offers exclusive lines of customizable diploma, award and certificate photo frames.

The 25th year certainly marks a milestone and Church Hill Classics is celebrating in many ways, including the creation of the company’s one millionth frame. Every frame has been handcrafted in Connecticut. This is truly a homegrown business that produces a great product used to preserve cherished memories and protect accomplishments.

Church Hill Classics wants to celebrate this accomplishment by sharing the celebration with customers. There is still time to be a part of Church Hill Classics’ 25th Anniversary Sweepstakes.

It’s simple. In recognition of the role customers have played in this anniversary, Church Hill Classics will be giving away 25 $100 eGift Cards. Each card is redeemable on the Church Hill Classics website. This is a great opportunity to cash in the card and see what’s new in the world of quality framing.

It’s easy to enter. All entries can be submitted on the company Facebook page. Five lucky winners are being chosen at random each week through April 29th. Hurry Up! You’ve still got time. Enter today.

Win a $100 Gift Card – ENTER TODAY
Church Hill Classics 25th Anniversary Sweepstakes

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