Celebrating Our Graduates! Way to go!!

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Proud families share their joy in person and on social media

When May and June come round, so does the anticipation and excitement for graduation. Whether you’re a fifth grader transitioning to middle school, or a high school senior or college student preparing to accept your diploma, you know that family and friends are proud and rooting for you!

Photos show up on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Graduations are covered by local newspapers. An online community Patch may capture this moving and memorable event.

On Facebook, parents, family members, the graduates themselves, college bookstores and others share their photos and the emotion of the big day! Everyone is super proud.

There’s triumph! At the moving up ceremony from 5th to 6th grade, with certificate in hand!

“…added 6 new photos to the album: 5th Grade Graduation.”

5th grade grad 5th Grade Graduation

High School graduations are a big deal, and so is actually receiving your diploma and getting congratulated for a job well done!

“Roar… We did it … src=
Grad and Mom

There are smiles and hugs at college graduation! It’s a happy time for the graduate and her mom.

“…added 8 new photos to the album:… graduation”

Graduate with mom Grad & mom
 src=  src=

Impromptu family portraits with the graduate who is moving up and onward.

“4 proud grandparents at M’s graduation to middle school.”

family portraits

There is good food to mark the occasion, some decorated to perfection.

“My graduation cake. Thanks Mom and Dad!
If you take a close look, you’ll see Ralphie on the cake smileyface
Jessica's graduation cake

Group photos celebrate everyone.

“… added a new photo to the album: Graduation.”
Group Graduation Photo

Sharing the local newspaper’s site on Facebook is a perfect idea.

There you’ll see graduation photos of pure glee and camaraderie, decorated graduation caps, the ceremony, and grads holding diplomas for all to see!
Great memories!

This mom connected to the News Times, and commented,
“Congrats to the Class of 2014!”


NewsTimes.com site. Photo by Lisa Weir

Decorated grad cap

NewsTimes.com site. Photo by Lisa Weir

Big venue or small, indoors or outdoors, the excitement of graduation is there.

Look at all that violet at Yankee Stadium. Yay to the graduates!

“…Added 3 new photos. NYU Commencement at Yankee Stadium –
CONGRATS to our son! So proud of you graduating with honors a year early!”

NYU Commencement Yankee Stadium

Sharing Commencement Albums

Even if you don’t take your own photos, graduation images abound on social media. Graduates of South Dakota State University, whose ceremony was on May 9, can even go to the University Bookstore’s Facebook page and find the posting to the University’s album, and see their message:

“Congratulations to the South Dakota State University Class of 2015. ‪#‎sdstate15‬ “

S Dakota State U

You can access Champlain College’s May 9 Facebook posting of Commencement 2015.
Champlain College

We’re all Proud
. We all want to revel in the moment of Graduation.

Graduates will get advice for sure… Commencement is a time to look ahead, but also a great time to look back.

Entrepreneur May 12, 2014 – A look back at some very memorable graduation speeches.

Some fun contests are around for Grads…


Bookstores are getting spiffy for the big day…


There are plenty of family members who share the joy, like this blogger…

Jenns Blah Blog

It’s a time to delight in some wonderful accomplishments. To all the Graduates out there, Congratulations on your graduation!

Permission was given to use personal photos posted on Facebook from the account holder.

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