Back to School – Part Two

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College (Undergrad and Grad)

By Clarice Diavua, marketing intern


After having an exciting summer by hanging out with family and friends, getting into a “back to school” mode could be a drag. For those going into their first year of college, the nerves don’t help either! Hopefully these few tips will help.

College is usually where students tend to gradually find themselves, so it is very important to prepare yourself the best that you can! Usually when students go to college, they move away from home and stay on campus or in an apartment within walking distance, and for most students, this is the first time being on your own or even away from your family and friends! I personally believe that college is a huge transition for a student in every aspect of life.

Please, Please, PLEASE make sure that your financial aid is correct. You will get very familiar with the Bursar’s Office at your college. If something does not look right or if you faxed in a paper and they said you didn’t, make sure you have copies to prove it. Also, you will get to familiarize yourself with FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which helps you with grants and loans for college.


When it comes to academics, teachers are now professors and many of them will give you a syllabus which contains dates for when assignments are due and when exams are given for the entire semester. It is up to you to create the schedule for studying on your own time. The difficulty for many students when they first arrive on campus is time management. Getting a Daily Planner would be very beneficial to keep everything in order.

In many colleges, there are HUNDREDS of clubs and organizations to join, so make sure you check that out. Joining too many can be overwhelming, especially for a freshman! Here’s a listing of clubs and organizations from UConn, so you see what I mean.


A few of my suggestions for acclimating to college are: a pair of walking sneakers, an Mp3 player, and a laptop. These are all musts on campus seeing that you will be walking to all or most of your classes and the music will you keep you company. A laptop is very beneficial when it comes to getting assignments done and checking e-mails. Depending on your college, if you go on their website, you will be able to find what you can and cannot bring to college.

So when embarking on this wonderful College Experience, make sure you:

  • Remember to check your college website or a general website so that you pack everything that you NEED for campus life (especially if you are going off to school far away)
  • It would be beneficial to bring a laptop and a planner
  • Good walking shoes/sneakers
  • Do your FAFSA!
  • Get familiar with the Bursar’s Office and your advisors
  • Join activities that you like (BUT DON’T OVERDO)

Now that I have given you some pointers on how to embrace going back to school, hopefully you will do just that. Who knows, maybe you will end up impatiently waiting for school to start!

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