Art Scholarship Competition – How Did it Go?

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It’s May, and the end of the college school year. Not surprisingly, things are very, very busy for Jeff Dumire. He is finishing up the first half of his fifth year at The University of Akron with two semesters remaining. Right now, Jeff is working towards completing his BFA in Graphic Design after recently completing both his minors – in drawing and in illustration. So, in March, he entered The Myers School of Art Studio Scholarship Competition.


This Art Studio Scholarship Competition is not for everyone.

It’s for outstanding art majors at The University of Akron who are: self-motivated and punctual, with a collection of six to 20 pieces of their best work (not from high school), with a specified grade point average, and in addition, are polite (since all winners have to write a thank you card to the award donor by semester’s end). These are just some of the requirements for students who enter the Art Studio Scholarship Competition.

“The show went great,” Jeff commented by email soon after the competition.

I know Jeff because when we needed a photo of the InfoCision Stadium-Summa Field from his school at The University of Akron, I got his name from an Assistant Athletics Director in the Media Relations Department. He asked if I wanted to work with a student in the Graphic Arts department. I thought, “Why not?”

I emailed Jeff about his photos and he immediately sent a number of his stadium shots to me. He was professional in his approach, and one of his stadium photos worked out especially well when the bookstore approved the image. He used the framed photo of the stadium in the scholarship show.



Jeff’s photo of the InfoCision Stadium at
University of Akron in the Lasting Memories Fanfare Stadium Photo Frame

According to Jeff, this is his third and last time entering the Scholarship Show. He won first place in 2008, 2nd place last year and, he said in a March 11 email, he was “hoping to re-acquire that coveted first place again this year.”

The best news of all is that Jeff’s hard work yielded exactly what he wanted to hear. In an April ceremony, it was announced that Jeff won the competition! “Yes, I was awarded 1st place!” he said.

Jeff explained the work that goes into preparing for the art competition: “I learned to not only know it (the Art Studio Scholarship Competition) was coming, but to plan for the limited space and lack of knowing your display location, shape, lighting, etc., until the day you find out if your accepted and start to install.”

He added that “I also learned from previous trouble in installing to make it easy on myself next time. I built kite-like frames behind my images this time to provide lightweight, invisible, simple hanging (a couple small nails or even tacks). This gave me nice cast shadows from the wall, and made it easy to tilt the top and bottom to better suite a viewer directly in front of the display. Good presentation is a common element among past winners.”

“My display is made up of, from top to bottom and left to right:



  1. The concept mock-up for the Polsky Building Window Graphics project, completed and up mid-September 2009.
    The Buchtelite paper with the Polsky Building Window Graphics story on the cover, and Channel 3 news story at bottom left.
  2. Church Hill Classics framed Stadium image and related material.
  3. Opening Day of the new Infocision Stadium on campus fall 2009, and related The Buchtelite paper cover story and image.
  4. Akron First Night (New Year’s) ultraviolet, family oriented installation at Summitartspace.
  5. The Planned Parenthood submission, and peoples choice winner, of the Safe Sex and Rock ‘n Roll themed condom wrapper competition, and related material.
  6. Image produced from the Venice Biennale International Art Show Travel Grant trip 2009.
  7. Experimental sketched panoramic illustration of a change in perspective.”

Bravo to Jeff for putting in such a great effort in the The Myers School of Art Studio Scholarship Competition! The school year may be ending, but there’s no doubt that much more is on the horizon!

Article featuring artwork from Jeff Dumire and other members of the design x nine team: Makeover: University of Akron’s ‘front door’ on Main Street has a vibrant new look.

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