A College Varsity Sport That Stands Out

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Hurrah! Let’s Go Synchronized Skaters!

Syncronized Skating at Miami UniversityEver hear of synchronized skating? I hate to say it, but I never had. Synchronized swimming, yes, but this ice skating sport is new to me. Then I saw the athleticism and style of the Miami RedHawks at Miami University in Ohio and how in step the teammates were with each other. Amazing! That’s when I started learning about this competitive varsity sport. Actually, the 30th anniversary of the 2014 U.S. Synchronized Skating Championships is happening Feb. 24 – March 1 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A photo in a university newsletter showed the Miami RedHawks varsity team in action. Eight women wore the same brilliant royal blue costumes and white skates, and all balanced on their left legs with their right legs extended in the air and their arms expanded out. It’s easy to notice their team pride and spirit, and the enjoyment of the moment.

Varsity Letter FrameVarsity Letters

As precision skating movements and matching skating dresses befits the synchronized skating team, Varsity Letter Frames are also made with precision and care. Matting is museum-quality and colors are coordinated with the varsity letter and school colors.

Achieving a varsity letter is a standout athletic achievement. The perfect way to display and preserve a varsity letter, whether for synchronized skating or any other varsity sport, is with our made-in-the USA Varsity Letter Frames.

Synchronized Skating

Synchronized skating gained varsity status at Miami University in 1995-96, and they have been RedHawks letter winners since. There is a listing of the team’s all-time letter winners in their Record Book.

Miami University isn’t the only college that has made synchronized skating a varsity sport.

“Synchronized skating is becoming a varsity sport at some colleges and universities,” said an article – Figure Skating in About.com. “Students who make certain varsity synchronized skating teams are sometimes eligible for university scholarships.”

Like any sport, there’s a lot of work and practice involved. Take a look at the varsity synchro team in action in this YouTube video.

This past April 6, 2013, the senior synchronized skating team finished in eighth place among the 20-team field in the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Boston, according to the Miami Redhawks, The Official Website of Miami University Athletics. The university’s Senior Team has been US National Champions in 1999, 2006, and 2009. In 2007, the team was the World Senior Medalists. The Collegiate Team has been National Champions 15 times!

More About Synchronized Skating

A US Figure Skating site explained, “Synchronized skating is a team sport in which 8-20 skaters perform a program together.” Skaters work together to “form lines, blocks, circles, wheels, and other formations using fast-paced footwork and intricate moves all set to music. It combines the skill and artistry associated with the individual sport of figure skating with the camaraderie and teamwork found in all team sports,” according to the 2013-14 handbook of the Silver Stars Synchro Team of Dublin, California.

Varsity Letter Frame

Thirty-two colleges with varsity synchronized skating teams that registered for the 2012-13 season were listed by US Figure Skating. Colleges with synchronized skating include small schools such as Hamilton College in New York, medium-size schools such as Princeton University in New Jersey, and very large universities, such as Michigan State University in Lansing, Michigan.

This is a sport that’s on the move in more ways than one! (Although still not an Olympic sport). Keep the memories glowing and the varsity letter pristine in a custom Varsity Letter Frame.

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Did you attend Miami University in Ohio, Hamilton College, Princeton University, Michigan State University? If not, that’s okay. Search for your college/university to showcase your school pride with a custom-made diploma frame.

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