2009 Scholarship Winner Advises How to Get Votes

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“Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2009 Winner, Benjamin Hutto, provides tips to the 2010 Finalists


It’s that time again! April 5th through May 5th (10 am Eastern Time) is the voting period for our “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest Finalists! This means our Finalists are spreading the word about their entry to try and earn the most votes!

We announced our 24 Finalists for the 2010 scholarship on April 5th, and now it’s up to the public to vote on their favorite to decide our five Scholarship Winners!! These five students will each earn a $1,000 scholarship, and the top vote-getter will also earn a $1,000 donation for the college or university attended in 2010-2011.

These Finalists are currently sharing their entry with family, friends, and peers, in an effort to make it into the top five! We’ve been in contact with our Grand Prize Winner from the “Frame My Future” Scholarship Contest 2009, Benjamin Hutto, and asked that he share tips with our 2010 Finalists. Here’s what he had to say:


First of all I would like to say CONGRATS on making the finals. I remember how excited I was when I got word. But now comes the hard part. Getting the word out! There are many, many, many ways to spread the word that are literally right at your finger tips.

My biggest tool was Facebook. First I created a Facebook event giving the final day for voting and a link to my entry. After making the event, I invited ALL of my Facebook friends to it. What really helped me is when I called a few of my closest friends and got them to invite all of their friends. Networking is the key here.

Benjamin Hutto’s Entry
Grand Prize Winner 2009

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After creating the Facebook event, I then contacted the professor that runs the school newspaper. He published a story in the Tallahassee Community College newspaper and also sent a school wide email to every student and teacher asking to vote and providing my entry link. If you mention that the school could get $1,000 if you win, they are more than happy to help.

Lastly, I utilized my email contacts and sent an email to everyone.

I hope I have helped with ideas for spreading the word and getting votes! Once again, congratulations and I look forward to seeing the winners.

-Ben Hutto

Thanks for sharing Ben! I’m sure our 2010 Finalists appreciate your advice and are taking it into consideration while sharing about their entry!

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