Church Hill Classics Announces Updated Web-Share E-Commerce Program

Monroe, CT – January 12, 2010 - Church Hill Classics (CHC), a custom frame manufacturer that specializes in insignia diploma and certificate frames, has added new features to its Web-Share e-commerce program on their # 1 high-traffic website in its category,

The Web-Share E-Commerce Program allows partners to generate commissions by taking advantage of's high online search rankings, "Design Your Frame" customizing capabilities, and a "Store Connect" feature which prompts customers to continue shopping back on the partner's own e-commerce or website.

Web-Share enables college and university bookstore retail partners to expand their customer reach and capture high online referral traffic from into immediate sales with no investment required. The Web-Share Program is also a key fundraising component for alumni associations, Greek societies, associations and organizations. Web-Share provides an extension to the traditional ways for generating revenue.

The company unveiled the Web-Share program in 2007, and has met with much success. Lucie Voves, President of CHC, said "In order to provide the best revenue generating options to our partners, we decided to enhance the program with new exclusive online capabilities which are available only on Church Hill Classics' e-commerce site"

CHC's unique interactive design functionality allows customers to view frame designs as they customize. Numerous frame combinations can be viewed as they are designed until the perfect combination is found. People love creating their own frame designs and CHC developed an easy and visual way to do it with the "Design Your Frame" option.

"Now, partners can offer customers customization options without any additional work, effort or investment," said Voves. Retail partners that have added the Web-Share feature as part of their retail offering have seen an average increase of 20% in sales. It's also a great way to expand their product offering by adding web-only items and test out new styles before adding them to their store inventory.

Mandy Wiley, Director of Affinity Merchandise Texas Tech Alumni Association said, "I have been very pleased with the Church Hill Classics' Web-Share Program. This program allows our customers to go online and view the wide variety of quality diploma frames available and order the frame and mat tailored to their individual taste. Our diploma frame sales have increased and I attribute the increase to the ease of ordering and the ability to customize."

The "Store Connect" feature provides a way for customers to navigate back to a partner's website for continued shopping or locate store contact information including address and telephone number for the customer who'd like to shop in the store. Customers simply click on the partner's custom banner and are prompted at the end of the cart process.

Web-Share is a 100% turnkey process where everything is taken care of by CHC - all order administration, royalties if applicable, credit card fees, customer service, and shipping direct to customers or members. The program provides complete account disclosure on all orders including accrued commissions, and access to all Web-Share order details (items ordered, amount of order, customer contact name and contact information). Commissions are paid on a quarterly basis.

Church Hill Classics' Web-Share Program is an easy way to offer retail customers or members high-end custom insignia diploma, certificate or specialty frames and gifts while helping to grow retail business or generate funds for an organization.