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College Parents

Your child is on their own now. This is a major change for parents. These resources will help you to stay current with college news, understand the process, and provide guidance to your college student.

College Parents of America

The College Parents of America blog is a great resource for any parent with a child in college. It provides advice on anything from the hidden costs of college to tips on how to be a great college parent.

Online College Blog

Online College Blog has compiled a list to help answer any financial questions you may have. The goals are to help you understand the cost of college for your unique situation and to ultimately find ways to save money.

University Parent

University Parent is an informative source of information for parents looking to maintain a healthy relationship with their students while they are away at college. It provides parents with information about their students’ specific colleges or universities, answers frequently asked questions, and provides businesses that can satisfy any needs that the students may have.

Graduation Checklist

You’re almost there! Soon, you’ll transition into the real world. Before you graduate and enter the workforce, there are a number of things you need to get done. We’ve created this graduation checklist to help ensure you stay on track during this challenging and exciting time.

  • Apply for graduation – This is important. The school will provide you with your audit that will tell you what credits you need to earn in your final semester to graduate.
  • Pick up your regalia – Make sure everything fits! If you want to decorate your grad cap, check out our Pinterest board.
  • Touch up your resumé – Update your resume so that it is easily tailorable to jobs of interest.
  • Clean up social media profiles – Employers will look at your social media profiles. Some ask you to provide links for them when you apply. Make sure there isn’t anything you wouldn’t want them to see.
  • Create/Update LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn is a wonderful way to network, apply for jobs, and use as an online resumé.
  • Plan a graduation party – Invite all your friends and family! Be proud and cherish this moment.
  • Stay on top of your school work – There is a lot going on during your last semester, but remember to allocate some of that time to your school work.
  • Job search – Finding a job can be challenging. To make it easier, meet with your school’s career development center. It has the resources to help you tailor your resumé and find job openings that match your skill set.
  • Attend the career fair – Research the companies attending beforehand. Tailor your resumé and bring extra copies.
  • Volunteer – Volunteering is an asset on a resumé to future employers.
  • Be involved in school activities – Your school offers numerous activities that are free to students. Take advantage of them while you can.
  • Take advantage of events at college – Attend these events to build your skill set and network with like-minded students.
  • Order a diploma frame – Preserve and showcase your achievement. You earned frame it!®
  • Have fun – It’s your last semester. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!


What better way to build your resumé than by obtaining on-the-job skills and experience from an internship!


Not only is Experience an internship search tool, but it also provides educational tips for creating resumés, writing your cover letters, preparing for interviews, and planning your internship.


Indeed lets you upload your resumés and search for internships in your area easily and quickly. You can narrow down results by salary, company, location, and job type.


Powered by Chegg, Internships brings you the largest internship marketplace. If you’re not sure what you want to do, try the Internship Predictor! It will evaluate your preferences and match you with the best-suited internship opportunities.

Look Sharp

Looksharp allows you to make a professional profile or integrate your Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Employers can search for candidates, or candidates can apply for positions. In 2015, Looksharp helped 10 million students acquire job positions.



Student debt is a major issues for college graduates. Reduce your debt by earning a scholarship.


Cappex boasts a scholarship directory of $11 billion in prizes. It offers unique Cappex scholarships for members who create a free account.


Chegg offers $1 billion in scholarship prizes. You receive reminders, so you will never miss a deadline!

College Board

College Board offers $6 billion in scholarship prizes. It’s search is in-depth to provide the best results. No registration necessary!

Education Grant

This website provides key information you should be aware of during the financial aid process.


Fastweb is one of the largest online scholarship search engines on the internet posting $3.4 billion in scholarships. It targets scholarships to match with the individual! is the perfect resource for scholarships. New scholarships added daily, notifications when deadlines are approaching, and easy to organize results are some of the features included.


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