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We and our customers love the creativity and quality of your product. As retailers, we love your dual use packaging - the protection that it offers and the fact that it can be used for shipping - and the fact that you barcode. Well done!
Duane M., The University Book Store - UW Madison

MyFrames Buyer Portal

At Church Hill Classics, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products, excellent customer service, and marketing support. We are pleased to offer you this exclusive and innovative online information system to manage your diploma frame business with ease.

Watch our video below - see how simple and easy it is to use MyFrames Buyer Portal!

MyFrames allows you to:

  • Easily place store stock and drop ship orders online
    • Visual ordering system featuring your store's frames and gifts

  • View real-time order status and tracking

  • View commission statistics - if you have a "Design Your Frame with Web-Share" account

  • Stay updated on promotional programs and new products

  • Request store and web merchandising materials

 If you have any questions, please contact Church Hill Classics at 800-477-9005.

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