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Entry Period:

October 7, 2010 - March 2, 2011

Finalist Voting Period:

April 5, 2011 - May 5, 2011

"Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2011 Finalists

Here are the 24 Finalists for the "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2011, and the schools they will be attending for the 2011 - 2012 academic year! Click the entry thumbnails to view an entry close-up and description.

Abigail Wright
Rice University
"Cancer ripped my father away from me and has ravaged both of my parents' bodies. However, I..."
Janine Cerny
Miami University
"This image that I created represents my vision for my future. I am planning on going to..."
Emily Feld
University of Arizona
"I Frame My Future as a veterinarian specializing in canine dentistry. Few pet owners realize..."
Ty Nguyen
Southwestern University
"Being a doctor has been my dream since kindergarten. Drawing has also been a passion of mine..."
Kelley McMorris
Academy of Art University
"When I was little, the stories that stirred my heart were fairy tales: stories of adventure,..."
Emily Weiss
University of Pennsylvania
"Millions of people are currently on organ transplant waiting lists. Their lives depend on..."
Meredith Calvin
Columbia College Chicago
"I want to “Frame My Future” with the skill set and confidence that I can work in a creative..."
Anne Casey
Gustavus Adolphus College
"My life so far has been shaped by words. I want to continue to work with them for the rest..."
Hayden Muhs
University of Wisconsin - Madison
"I am a young conscious rapper, meaning that I use my lyrical talent to raise awareness for..."
Megan McGhie
Michigan State University
"I chose to frame my future using games because I like how they are always changing based on..."
Emily DeVault
Rochester Institute of Technology
"Who wouldn't want to wear mouse ears every day to her job? I frame my future in the same..."
Bryan Beus
School of Visual Arts
"I see myself as an artist who sings through pictures. I chose this as a professional career..."
Camille Nakai
Nashville Auto Diesel College
"I drew this picture of myself to portray what is cool about my life. My hobbies include..."
Beth Rubel
The University of Texas at San Antonio
"I was raised in a small town in Texas. My parents moved frequently to deflect discrimination..."
Nicholas Normile
The Wharton School - University of Pennsylvania
"Luck is not a business plan. It’s where opportunity meets preparation. I was 13 when I..."
Michelle Partogi
Georgia Institute of Technology
"My concept plays on a future “journey," and the shoelaces show dualities within my goals...."
Nora Grady
University of Missouri Saint Louis
"Kids are fearless. I snapped this photo of my son before heading out the door. He inspired..."
Nicole Pedrazzi
California State University Monterey Bay
"I frame my future using American Sign Language to benefit those around me. My training in..."
Stephen Kui
University of California Davis
"I Dream of a Brighter Future. What I have is an original take on an idea that's familiar..."
Jonathan Chornay
Messiah College or LeTourneau University
"Touch your heart. Now imagine the steady rhythm pounding out of control and your legs..."
Tomas Meneses
University of Phoenix
"I have always felt that I've had a full and exciting life so far. My collage is a..."
Tram Huynh
Rutgers University
"When I start envisioning my future after graduating from college, I see myself working my..."
Onur Olmez
San José State University
"As a kid, I used to make paper boats from newspapers with my grandmother. I always wished..."
Christina Espegren
California Lutheran University
"During my first trip to Rwanda to attend a conference on peace, a church elder showed my..."