Decorating Graduation Caps

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Graduation cap decorationWhen my son graduated from Newtown High School in Connecticut, lo and behold, there were quite a few seniors who had decorated their graduation caps!

This extra festive atmosphere made me wonder, “Hmm…What’s this all about?”

The caps looked creative and fun, – some with flowers, some with furry-looking trim, others with colored duct tape messages or the year of graduation.

After seeing the procession of all the seniors, I saw the point to this tide of originality. With a sea of students all dressed exactly the same in graduation robes and caps, the decorated caps help family members and friends locate their graduate(s)!


Kaitlyn who graduated from Bethel High School got into the spirit with her beaded graduation cap. The cap is beautifully decorated, and look how it stands out in a crowd. There’s no doubt where Kaitlyn is!


Decorating graduation caps may be more widespread at high school than at college Commencements, but they still show up.



At Binghamton University’s May 16 Commencement, decorated caps made an appearance, including this one that says, “Thanks, Mom.”


These include an image of an angel, a cap that announced, “This is it Daddy,” plus, adhered to a graduate’s cap was a plush stuffed animal wearing its own graduation cap! Even flashy specs were on hand.

“About the decorating caps,” said Brittany, a recent Marketing graduate of Western Connecticut State University, “I personally didn’t decorate mine.”

“For high school I went all out,” Brittany added, “but for college like no one did. We probably had like 10 people out of everyone that graduated that decorated their cap.”

If you want to know how to decorate your own graduation cap, there are actually quite a few online sites.

For instance the link on Howcast has a short video on decorating your cap, plus a written list. This site first suggests that you think of the message for your cap before you transform it.

“Is your motivation purely aesthetic?” the Howcast article asked. “Do you want to share a joke with your classmates or send a shout-out to someone in the crowd? Or maybe you have a philanthropic angle, like raising awareness for a cause?”

Ehow gives suggestions in their article, “How to Decorate Graduation Caps” on items that come in handy:

  • Pen
  • Hot glue gun
  • Decorative materials such as rhinestones or beads
  • Candy
  • Embroidery floss or clear fishing wire

Although a site or two cautioned that some schools might not like these decorated caps. “Most ceremonies don’t allow for decorated caps and they will confiscate them if they see them,” was the word at a yahoo site.

The comment on Ehow was that “Some schools do not allow any embellishment on caps, while others have no rules banning the practice. In any case, use common sense and good taste by avoiding “decorations” and words that some might find offensive.”

If you were able to decorate your own graduation cap, share with us by posting a photo of it on the Church Hill Classics page on Facebook. Simple or elaborate, it personalizes and adds to the graduation experience!

More Inspiration for Decorating Your Graduation Cap

View our Graduation Cap Decorations pinboard on Pinterest for more great ideas! We will continue pinning to it, so be sure to check back. Do you have a pinterest board with graduation cap ideas? Leave us a comment – we’d love to check it out!

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