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Thank you so much for replying to me so quickly. I am relatively new to purchasing things on the web. I placed an order with your company for two reasons. The first being the superior quality of your reasonably priced diploma frames. And the second, your value of customer service.
Claire, Galesburg, Illinois

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Dorm Room Decorating – Beyond Cookie Cutter

Decorating a new dorm room all your own (or half your own, half your roommate’s) can be exciting. The majority of college dorms start off with empty white, usually cinder-block, walls. This gives students the opportunity to be creative and colorful!

Taking Halloween Photos

Feeling a little spooky?  Maybe it's because it's time for Halloween. All those little ghosts and ghouls are right around the corner. They will certainly be out trick-or-treating along with pint-siz...

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Senior Portraits

High school senior photos aren't what they used to be.  In the past, seniors basically had one choice - formal portraits.  Nowadays, seniors can really be themselves, and show people who they are. How about an outdoor shot for your senior...

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Take Photos of Your Pets

Click!  Just look at your pet parrot, with its hooked beak, black eyes, and brilliant colored feathers of chartreuse green and lemony yellow.  Click!  Click!  How about your cat in a relaxing pose on a cushy chair?  Or even your...

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Landscape Photos

From a snow covered mountain range, to a tropical island, to a busy highway; a nice landscape can be found just about anywhere. Photographing landscapes can be quite different than photographing people; therefore these tips will help you take breathtaking...

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Proudest Moment Photo Contest

Graduation is around the corner, and proud moments are always in the making.  Now is the perfect opportunity to capture instances like these, and possibly win some cash and other prizes for sharing them with us!  We're interested in w...

Graduation Day: How to Take Better Photos

As a parent or relative of a graduating student from either high school or college, you are probably experiencing many emotions during this time of year. Graduation will be one of the most important ceremonies your child or loved one will ever experience....

Fall Photography Tips

With autumn's arrival and the holidays on the way, now is a great time of year to take out your camera and start capturing beautiful, vibrant outdoor photos.  Below are some useful tips to help you take rich and captivating photos of the colorful s...

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Creating an Art or Photo Arrangement

If you are planning to hang several pieces of art on one wall or around a room, it is important to plan your arrangement before you begin putting holes in your wall.  Start by first measuring the space you have available- top to bottom and side to ...

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Tips for Taking Great Photos of People

With the nice spring weather, you will probably have the opportunity to take many great pictures of your family and loved ones as reminder and keepsake of the time you spent together. To make your special occasions even more memorable we have come up with...

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