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Selecting the right diploma frame…Now’s the time!

Congratulations on your graduation!  It's a special, important time to share with family and friends. Whether you have recently graduated or not though, as an alumnus, you realize that now’s the time to protect and show off your hard-earned diploma b...

Knowing Which Glass to Choose

So, you have artwork, or a diploma, a photo or a document that you want to frame and protect from airborne pollutants.  The type of "glazing" you choose for your picture frame glass will depend on your ...

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Framing Your Record Album Covers and Records

It's Really Art Do you have any record album covers or record albums just stored away at home? I know I do. Here's a great idea from the "home & garden buzz" on the cafémom websi...

The Cameo

Imagine being able to take a picture of a beautiful sunset on vacation with your camera-phone and be able to instantly send it to your friend's picture frame! That is the latest technology that T-Mobile&nb...

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The History of Frames

Frames have existed since the 2nd century B.C. when borders were found drawn around Etruscan cave paintings. It seems that since people have been creating art they have searched for the proper way to displ...

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Postage Stamp Framing

When sticking a postage stamp on an envelope, it doesn't require much thought, but when framing a postage stamp as a tiny piece of art, now that's a different story! 

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Leather Mats Are A Poor Choice For Your Diploma

When deciding how to frame your diploma, most people think about where they plan to hang the frame and the surrounding decor.  Since this is commonly an office, dark mat colors such as black, navy, green and maroon are the most popular choices, as ar...

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Buying a Frame Online vs. Your Local Frame Shop

Many customers have asked us what the benefit is in purchasing a Church Hill Classics diploma frame over going to a local frame shop to have their diploma or certificate framed.  While there are many answers to this we have outlined a few below f...

How to Frame an Animation Cel

As a framing company, we have had to handle quite a few historic and delicate pieces of art. Animation art cels are just that. A cel stands for celluloid acetate, the transparent material upon which animated films are created. With their extraordinary val...

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Framing Your Television?

As televisions have evolved from large, bulky tube models into sleek, flat panel devices you can hang on a wall, many people have taken to framing their televisions to disguise their presence in the home.  For people who feel the television se...

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