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Financial Hope for Students?

Financially, everyone knows, our country is a mess. Is there anything a student can do?  With Wall Street and the banking situation still in flux, and with the housing market in an unbelievable slump, businesses on the downturn, and unemployment u...

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Saving for College

Saving for college is a big task for parents to take on. The price of college tuition keeps rising at an overwhelming rate that can be hard for most people to keep up with. "If prices keep rising at the cu...

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No Sucker Left Behind

When considering a university to attend, the one thing that usually does not cross your mind is, "Am I being scammed??" In Marc Scheer's new book, No Sucker Left Behind, he explains how many schools ar...

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Top Paying Jobs

With the economy acting the way it is, finding a well paying job is essential.  It can be difficult to predict the future and what will happen next in the job market; however it looks like the trends...

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How Going Green is Saving Money

The University of South Carolina is one of the many universities that are going green in order to protect the environment and save money in return. One of the ways that this university has been able to go green was by replacing various machines and ele...

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News Post

College Education Check out these articles I found from the past few days on how expensive it really is getting to receive a college education!!! And do you live in a state with the cheapest college? 49 States Flunk College Affordability Test ...

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Assisting with Investment in Your Future through a College Education High school students and graduates are often conflicted between continuing with school or immediately joining the workforce.  The idea of beginning to ea...

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