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I received the frames and they are all beautiful! …the degree and certification frames are hanging on the wall at my office. I have gotten several compliments on them. I am so pleased with my whole experience with your company. I will definetly order from you guys again. Thanks for everything!
Anna A., Sheridan, WY

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Share your Style with Polyvore

Create Holiday Wishlists We came across this really cool site last week called Polyvore, allowing you to combine items to create your own room décor vignettes, clothing outfits for any fashion style, wedding collections, and more. It's...

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You Can Decorate With Embroidery Hoops!

Get ready for this! Yes, we've all heard of flower arrangements, photo arrangements, and room arranging.  How about embroidery hoop arrangements? Cafemom's blog says that arranging embroidery hoops on the wall is, "a great way to make some of yo...

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Moving into Your Dorm Room (Wow!)

Big news here...My son moved into his dorm room at Beloit College in Wisconsin last Saturday and even though the sunny day helped, since there were lots (and lots) of trips back and forth from the car to the dorm, it's a huge job.  ...

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Using Your Imagination in 2009

Courtesy of The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute Organic-inspired Colors & Creative Decorating in a Weak Economy There are two big thoughts tha...

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Valentine's Day Decorating

Decorating for Valentine's Day can add flourishes and touches to different spots in one's home with its red hearts, bows, lace, and candles. Decorating for Valentine's Day may not be something everyone has done before, but it's bound to make a fun, s...

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Hanging Art in a Wallpapered Room

If you are planning to hang framed artwork on a wallpapered wall, here is a great idea to avoid poking holes in the wallpaper that are difficult to repair later. To minimize damage to the wallpaper, use a straight edge to cut a small "V" in the paper...

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Creating an Art or Photo Arrangement

If you are planning to hang several pieces of art on one wall or around a room, it is important to plan your arrangement before you begin putting holes in your wall.  Start by first measuring the space you have available- top to bottom and side to ...

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