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I was so pleased with the frame when I received it, it is so beautiful and the customer service individuals were very responsive. Then, months later,.....My office got flooded when the pipes in the building burst. Frame and diploma remained intact!!! So pleased---- thank you!!!!
Elizabeth S., CT

Celebrating Our Graduates! Way to go!!


When May and June come round, so does the anticipation and excitement for graduation.  Whether you're a fifth grader transitioning to middle school, or a high school senior or college student preparing to accept your diploma, you know that family and friends are proud and rooting for you! Photos show up on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Honorable Mentions-2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest - Part Three

Written by Anita R. Holtz, Marketing Proofreader

View the final part of the Honorable Mentions for the 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest.  Have a look at Part 1 and Part 2 to view the first 21 entries. Congratulations to all these talented, determined entrants!

Honorable Mentions - 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest - Part Two

Written by Anita R. Holtz, Marketing Proofreader
Honorable Mentions

Have a look at the second part of the Honorable Mentions Entries for the 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest! Check out Part One to view the first 11 entries.

We Asked,You Voted – 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest Winners

5 WinnersWritten by: Tyler Dickinson, Marketing Intern

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  It’s time to announce our 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest Winners! For the seventh consecutive year, Church Hill Classics (CHC) has held the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest. 

Colgate University Bookstore – Interactive & Fun for the Whole Community

Colgate University Bookstore Staff photo
Colgate Bookstore in upstate New York is not what you’d expect from a University bookstore. The staff not only serves its Colgate University students and campus employees, but the store also is a fun place for the whole community. Yes, there are diploma frames and other normal college items available for students and alumni, but there’s so much more…

Covered Bridge Resonates with Messiah College Students, Alumni, & Staff

A well-loved, much used way for students, alumni, staff, and others to get around Messiah College’s Pennsylvania campus is their own historic covered bridge, built in 1867. This iconic structure, unusual for a college campus is a popular image that graces two of their diploma frames.

Messiah College’s covered bridge, commonly called the Stoner Bridge (named in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob S. Stoner who donated the bridge  to the college), but also known as the Bowmansdale Covered Bridge, is one of only a handful of covered bridges actually located on college campuses in the United States.
Messiah College Stoner Bridge

UMass Amherst Students Make a Hulk-Sized Change and Go Green

Written by Tyler Dickinson, Marketing Intern

Permaculture GardenA topic of growing interest and popularity is the movement of “going green.” So, what does going green actually mean? It means to live eco-friendlier. This includes reducing pollution, conserving resources, conserving energy, reducing the consumption of waste, and protecting the earth’s ecological balance. For six years, Church Hill Classics has been a member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s WasteWise Program and has participated in “green” practices.

Honorable Mentions - 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest - Part One

Written by Anita R. Holtz, Marketing Proofreader

Frame My Future Honorable Mentions

We hosted our 7th annual Frame My Future Scholarship Contest, and were inspired once again by the creative talents of more than 5,500 students from all over the United States. We are honored to recognize 32 Honorable Mentions for the 2015 Frame My Future Scholarship Contest and invite you to view their entries on our Pinterest board.

Graduation Time! Share your Wish List - Win a Diploma Frame!

Pin your Grad Gift Wish List
Buying gifts for family and friends can be a challenge. With graduation season almost here, we know a diploma frame is a perfect gift for graduates, and invite new grads to participate in a fun, new Pinterest contest called the #GradGift Wish List Pinterest Contest.

Ready, Set, Vote! 2015 Finalists in the Frame My Future Scholarship Contest

By Tyler Dickinson, Marketing Intern

The seventh annual Frame My Future Scholarship Contest has been a success.  The contest closed with just over 5,500 entries from all over the country trying to win a $1,000 scholarship – and now only 24 remain.

Vote for your favorite finalist

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