The only bad thing was choosing which style frame!!! I was incredibly impressed with the frame--the quality and styles to choose from. I was floored at how fast it arrived and that it came with acid free tape and all the tools and directions to hang it on the wall. This is the first of my four girls to graduate college and if I'm not totally broke, I will be coming back.
Amy C., PA

Picture Frame Hangers with No Tools & No Anchors!

Posted in [Framing Tips, Tools, & Techniques] By BloggerBob

With the new Thumbs Up! hanger system you can easily and quickly hang framed art and mirrors up to 25 pounds without the use of any tools!  For heavier items use two hangers for a secure and guaranteed hold. 

The Thumbs Up! hanger is a secure locking anchor that attaches framed art to drywall in just a few easy steps, leaving just a small hole in the wall.  To see a demo of how easy this new product is to use, click here!

This new product is not available in hardware or home improvement stores. It is currently only being offered by professional picture framers. For more information contact Thumbs Up! toll free at 1-800-827-0092, or e-mail them at, or visit the Thumbs Up! website at

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