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Ron M., Concord, NH

The Cameo

Posted in [Photography] By BloggerBob

Imagine being able to take a picture of a beautiful sunset on vacation with your camera-phone and be able to instantly send it to your friend's picture frame! That is the latest technology that T-Mobile has invented.

T-Mobile has designed a frame called The Cameo (pictured below) that can receive picture messages and email. 

Here's how it works...the frame has its own phone number because it is connected to a cellular modem that works with T-Mobile's network. The frame needs phone service in order to operate, so if you're buying a holiday gift for someone, check their coverage at their home. When the frame receives the photos, it automatically adjusts the size and direction of the photo so there is no need to worry about cropping.

"Though it's the first frame sold in the U.S. that has a cellular modem, it isn't exactly the first one that can receive pictures straight from phones. Some others can connect to the Internet, usually through Wi-Fi."(MSNBC
Other digital frames right now work with memory cards or connect to your computer; the Cameo can also do this function.

"At the price of $100, the frame is less expensive than other digital photo frames with comparable screens: a 7-inch diagonal and a resolution of 720 by 480 pixels." (Red Orbit) In order to get set up for it you have to have a phone plan with T-Mobile and pay a $10 monthly fee. Since it works on the T-Mobile network, if there is no service in your area, then this frame will not work.

To learn more about digital frames like this one from CEIVA, (to the right), check out How Stuff Works

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