Frame My Future Honorable Mentions - Week 3
We received the frame today, and it is absolutely gorgeous! The pictures in the brochure don't do it justice, as the quality and workmanship far exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend your company, your level of customer service and the quality of your products.
Sue B., Elkhorn, NE

Frame My Future Honorable Mentions - Week 3

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Featuring Honorable Mentions 17-23

Week #3 of Honorable Mentions is here!  Below are "Frame My Future" Scholarship entries from 7 more success-driven students.  Congratulations to these 7 for their amazing submissions.

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Stacy Milbourn

This is a collage of a picture of me writing and pieces that inspire me and represent my dreams and goals.  I wanted to be a writer since I was 4, and I think this represents my creativity.


Matt Moynihan

I understand that your company specializes in the manufacturing and sale of diploma frames, and in no way through my entry do I mean to insult or degrade the value of a quality frame. I look around my home and see countless frames performing their duties beautifully, securing posters and pictures- images capturing still moments in time and forever keeping them safe and protected. While I truly appreciate the framed photos that lace the walls of my house and stir up warm feelings of nostalgia and happiness, I also believe that there are some things in life that cannot be framed- like my future. My future is intangible, ever-growing, and unpredictable. I constantly create a picture inside my mind of what my future may hold, but this picture is constantly changing as my knowledge and experience grow and my perceptions of myself and the world around me change. I feel like any attempt to frame my future would fall short of the endless possibilities that actually exist for me, and so I choose not to limit my future within the confines of any frame. Society constantly bombards me with social standards, regulations, and expectations, attempting to create a frame of what my future should hold- and so I choose to break this imposing frame. I choose to live my life with a cracked and broken frame, a frame that does not limit my potential, but keeps it open to whatever the world may throw my way, and whatever I may throw at the world. I have big plans for my future, as I am attending the University of Illinois and majoring in Biology, but I will begin my quest into college with the mindset that I express in my poem. I wish that we could all live with broken frames. I wish that we could all be open to the limitless possibilities that our futures truly hold. I wish that we could all escape the constraints of social expectation- the need for monetary success, the vices of power and pride, and the inherent evils of a closed mind. And so, I wrote this poem, to express the power that my broken frame embraces, and the power that I feel within myself to truly change our world for the better. 


Laureen Olivarez

As a fashion design student I hope to utilize basic skills I will obtain from school and my ability to think outside the box. After I earn a bachelor’s degree, I will be ready to start from the bottom and aggressively work my way up. I would like to get married, travel, and then start a big city family. Scissors, thread, needles, and a tape measure; these are the tools I use everyday. Through these simple tools I am inspired and envision my ultimate goals. 


Stephanie Riesco

Words have been a timeless way of connecting people across the world. Because of this, I want to frame my future by pursuing journalism in college. My passion for the English language, as well as my desire to express my opinions, also drive me to achieve this goal. In my entry, I portray a view of the world in which words and communication link us across our geographic boundaries. In times when our planet is so divided, news is a medium that enables people to form stronger connections through shared knowledge. 


Sarah Riley

I know I have very ambitious dreams for myself. Some would say impossible - but that is just limited perception of possible. I love cultures, photography, design, writing and fashion. I would love to intern and study abroad. After graduation, I want to start as a magazine editor to make my way to editor-in-chief of a leading fashion magazine. That is the plan. I have the passion to defy the fear of the unknown and be what I decide. I want to stargaze, dance, laugh with friends, grow a plant and photograph emotion. But more than anything, I never want to lose sight of my dream. 


Rita Rosenfeld

In the future, I would not only like to use my art to inform people of social, political and environmental issues, but also to be involved in trying to solve them. In my collage I included original work (a self portrait, editorial cartoon and painting) as well as things I would like to be involved in doing such as environmental design and joining the Peace Corps. 


Rachel Roth

My entry piece shows exactly what I plan to accomplish:  “bringing” wild Kansas into our world.  I want to inspire and educate the public about our prairies and contribute my own skills to preserving their natural ecology.  Our world is such a brilliant place, and I intend to contribute to its conservation as a wildlife veterinarian and field biologist, and simply through my art.

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