Framing Your Record Album Covers and Records

Framing Your Record Album Covers and Records

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It's Really Art

Do you have any record album covers or record albums just stored away at home? I know I do. Here's a great idea from the "home & garden buzz" on the cafémom website: 

"A great way to add a little nostalgia to your room is breaking out that old record collection...and hanging it on the wall!"

The author of this CafeMom blog noted that "I love reusing old items in my home decor. It's not only recession-friendly, but it usually gives the room so much character!"

On a site called ArticlesBase, it goes into details on how to frame an actual Record Album on your own.  It lists materials you will need including a square album frame with glass, a Record Album without the jacket cover, scrapbooking themed paper, thick cardboard and adhesive glue.

“To put this framed art project together, you are simply taking an old record album and showing it off on your wall in the same way that music artists are awarded once their recordings reach a certain level of sales, “ noted Linda Johnson.
There’s a whole slew of record album covers out there from groups that were around in the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s who have recently toured, like, according to Yahoo! Answers: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Def Leppard, Rolling Stones, Journey, REO Speedwagon, Aerosmith, and Boston, among others.

Record album covers encompass all kinds of music from rock to country to pop to folk with photographs, black and white drawings, colorful or muted illustrations.  These showcase such musicians as:

The Beatles Second Album
Jose Feliciano:  Feliciano!
Joni Mitchell:  Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm
Willie Nelson:  ...And Then I Wrote
Paul Revere and the Raiders:  Here They Come
Frank Sinatra:  Sings for Only the Lonely
Wings: Band on the Run

You should know that CDs aren’t being ignored. For those who don’t have a “frame” of reference for record albums, but are all about CDs, you can also frame those CDs!

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