You Can Decorate With Embroidery Hoops!

You Can Decorate With Embroidery Hoops!

Posted in [Decorating] By Lauren Miller

Get ready for this! Yes, we've all heard of flower arrangements, photo arrangements, and room arranging.  How about embroidery hoop arrangements?

Cafemom's blog says that arranging embroidery hoops on the wall is, "a great way to make some of your favorite fabric scraps into affordable wall art."  Take a look at the photo by clicking on the link.

Embroidery hoops are made of either wood, plastic or metal. Each type of hoop has two circular pieces, a smaller ring and a larger outer ring which has tightening hardware. 

The nursery is a great place for fabric embroidery hoop arrangements which are lightweight items to hang on the wall in the baby’s room.  Plus, the fabric of your choice adds the style and color that you want.  There's a photo example at Make Baby Stuff .com . "The best part is that by decorating this way it is easy to change and evolve as the child grows up and acquires new interests."
Another project is to make picture frames.  Associated Content Home Improvement explains how: "Glue a picture, from a magazine or other source, onto a piece of cardboard. The cardboard should be cut in the shape of the embroidery hoop. Glue the cardboard, with picture, onto the back of the embroidery hoop. Paint the hoop first or decorate it after you've inserted the picture.”
AC also suggests changing the look of embroidery hoops themselves by wrapping them in foil, painting them black, blotting off some black paint, and ending up with an antique look for the hoops.  Also, gluing ribbon “around the outside of a wooden hoop and tying a bow will hide the tightening hardware.”

Another idea from ThriftyFun is using an embroidery hoop to frame pieces of clothing.  The writer/crafter’s mom had a “vintage circle skirt” which she “paired up with two of” her “old fringed T's”. She added some special touches – a few beads onto thinner pieces of fringe, some green and purple sequin trim and purple stars. This project was especially apropos since the mom was so “thrifty”.

Artfully arranging embroidery hoops on the wall with do-it-yourself  projects to “beautify” the hoops sounds like a great plan to me!

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