Interning With Church Hill Classics

Interning With Church Hill Classics

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The experience I have had at Church Hill Classics is a great one! I'm an intern in the marketing department and I've learned so much in just a couple months. As a business student attending Western Connecticut State University, I read a lot of textbooks by scholars that tell you how a business is run and how to market a product. The books may go over some age-old theories about the psychological connections consumers make, but I have not learned nearly as much in the classroom as I have at Church Hill.

They don't tell you at business school about the people who work in the warehouses or the people behind the websites. This company is so unique because everything is right here in the same building. From Production to Accounts Receivable, it's all in one place.


In my marketing class, we talk about "Direct Mail," and how it is often a great way to advertise. Well, they don't tell you all the work that goes into the flyers and brochures that end up in your mailbox, or in this case, on the register counter in your school's bookstore. All of that literature must be analyzed, proofed several times, and approved, which can take anywhere from just a few days to a couple of months!


Have you ever opened up a Victoria's Secret catalog or L.L. Bean, and flipped through the pages? When you find something you like, you read the little blurb underneath where it describes the product with a price and item number. Well, someone behind the scenes has to proof that!  As an intern, that is part of what I do. Every word, mark or image must be correct before any customers see it.

In addition to "Direct Mail," I have also learned a lot about web production. I have done work with our Web Administrator to customize Church Classics' website.  When a customer wants to order a frame online, some frames are available so that customers can choose their frame moulding and what mats they like. Have you ever gone on a website and found a shirt where you can change the color just by clicking a link? Try this link: Eddie Bauer. That's exactly what CHC has done for their website.

Another reason why I've really enjoyed interning at Church Hill is not only the great experience, but the great people too. In some companies, interns are stereotyped and they may not be treated very seriously. But at Church Hill, everyone is so wonderful! If I have a question, everyone is always happy to explain it to me. I have not met one person who does not smile or go out of their way to say hello. Many even make it a point to know my name, even those who I don't directly work for. Everyone is so grateful to have the interns this spring, we literally hear, "Thank you!" several times before we leave. I have never worked with nicer people than those at Church Hill Classics.

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