Where in the World is FRANKIE the Diploma Frame?
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Where in the World is FRANKIE the Diploma Frame?

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An overview of FRANKIE the Diploma Frame's destinations as of July 29, 2010!

By Melanie Kondor

FRANKIE the Diploma Frame has had quite the summer vacation this year. He has been traveling across the country visiting all of his friends at different beaches, backyards, parks, and summer jobs. He went swimming, flew a kite, played Frisbee, went to a concert, and got to see the amazing beaches in Hawaii too.

While in the United States, FRANKIE saw some of the more well-known sights including the White House in Washington, D.C.; Mount Rushmore with former Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln; Yellowstone National Park; and Yosemite National Park.

FRANKIE also spent some time shopping in the Big Apple and sightseeing in Chicago. He made his way to Michigan and while there also saw beautiful scenery at Pictured Rocks; it was worth the trip! FRANKIE even got to go to Hogwarts to check out Harry Potter’s world! After Hogwarts, FRANKIE thought it would be nice to go and see Mickey Mouse’s Disney World too.

FRANKIE tried out a few sports this summer too, including volleyball and baseball; he tried soccer too, but being the goalie was scary! He decided it was much safer to watch sports instead of playing them.

Once FRANKIE thought he had seen enough of the good old United States, he decided to go international! FRANKIE put his passport to good use visiting friends in Japan, Africa, Mexico, Haiti, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Argentina, and the Bahamas. There were plenty of amazing sights for FRANKIE to see, like the top of Mount Fuji, but there are still tons of places on his agenda to visit before the summer is over.

FRANKIE's international destinations!

FRANKIE’s summer vacation hasn’t been all about fun though! He did spend some time doing volunteer work in Iowa, found new employment at Pizza Hut in Pennsylvania, and helped out at various summer camps across the country.

Unfortunately, FRANKIE had a few mishaps this summer that resulted in serious injuries and dangerous situations! Luckily, some volunteers at a local hospital were able to help him feel better.

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The only states that FRANKIE hasn’t seen (as of July 29th) but would love to visit are Delaware, Vermont, Louisiana, Kansas, New Hampshire, West Virginia, and Alaska. If anybody in those states is willing to host FRANKIE for a day or two, he would love to be there and make some new friends! This summer has been one full of fun adventures that FRANKIE will never forget!




Red stars represent places FRANKIE has visited

Yellow colored states represent states FRANKIE has not visited


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