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Throughout my academic career, I have framed (professionally) all of my college diplomas, but the one manufactured, packaged and delivered by Church Hill Classics exceeds, by far, any other product I have either purchased or found available on the market. Consequently, I strongly recommend Church Hill Classics frames.
Carlos C.,

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Back to School - Part Two

After having an exciting summer by hanging out with family and friends, getting into a "back to school" mode could be a drag. For those going into their first year of college, the nerves don't help either! Hopefully these few tips will help.

Back to School - Part One

By Clarice Diavua, marketing intern It's Not So Bad! All summer long, you got the chance to go to the movies with your friends and talk about how great The Karate Kid was, and the anticipation for Eclipse alone made you feel perfectly happy. You went to cookouts with family, hung out at the beach to get a tan, played some volleyball or took soothing walks just to enjoy the weather. What would summer be without going to an amusement park like Six Flags or a little trip sightseeing to create memorie ...

How Do College Students Stay Active in the Summer?

College is long over for the spring semester, and many students are trying to stay active during their summer vacations. This time of year is filled with fun, relaxation, and -- most of the time -- the sun! Even though this summer started off as not-so-hot and oh-so-groggy (and full of rain), we still need to be safe and healthy in this hot and humid season. There are many great ways to be healthy and active during the summer, and they are all easy to do.

Interning With Church Hill Classics

The experience I have had at Church Hill Classics is a great one! I'm an intern in the marketing department and I've learned so much in just a couple months. As a business student attending Western Connecticut State University, I read a lot of textbooks by scholars that tell you how a business is run and how to market a product. The books may go over some age-old theories about the psychological connections consumers make, but I have not learned nearly as much in the classroom as I have at Church Hill. T ...

Should You Put Your GPA on Your Resume?

When you're in high school, and even more so in college, your grade point average (GPA) can seem like the one-and-only measure of your success. But how important is your GPA after graduation? Should you put it on your resume? Do employers really care if you had a 2.8 or a 3.0? Can a low score ruin your chances of getting hired? The answers may surprise you.

Decorating Graduation Caps

decorating graduation capsWhen my son graduated from Newtown High School in Connecticut, lo and behold, there were quite a few seniors who had decorated their graduation caps! This extra festive atmosphere made me wonder, "Hmm...What's this all about?" The caps looked creative and fun, - some with flowers, some with furry-looking trim, others with colored duct tape messages or the year of graduation. After seeing the procession of all the seniors, I saw the point to this tide of originality.

Art Scholarship Competition - How Did it Go?

It's May, and the end of the college school year. Not surprisingly, things are very, very busy for Jeff Dumire. He is finishing up the first half of his fifth year at The University of Akron with two semesters remaining. Right now, Jeff is working towards completing his BFA in Graphic Design after recently completing both his minors - in drawing and in illustration.  So, in March, he entered The Myers School of Art Studio Scholarship Competition. This Art Studio Scholarship Competition is not for ev ...

Frame My Future 2010 Honorable Mentions - Week 4

Featuring Honorable Mentions 24-30 It's here...we've reached the final week of "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2010 Honorable Mention entries! Take a look through the final 7 out of 30 Honorable Mentions for this year. Congratulations to these 7 students for their amazing submissions. We will now be posting all 30 entries on our Church Hill Classics Page on Facebook. The Honorable Mention students will be able to tag their entry photos in the album! Click the images to view their ...

Frame My Future 2010 Honorable Mentions - Week 3

Featuring Honorable Mentions 17-23 Week #3 of Honorable Mentions is here!  Take a look through 7 more entries recognized from over 9,000 this year! Congratulations to these 7 students for their amazing submissions. Click the images to view their full entry and school they are currently attending.  Be sure to comment on the blog about your favorites and share what you love about these students' entries! Katie Blankenbaker's Entry ...

Frame My Future 2010 Honorable Mentions - Week 2

Featuring Honorable Mentions 9-16 It's week #2 for our Honorable Mentions in the "Frame My Future" Scholarship Contest 2010.  Congratulations to 8 more students for their amazing and inspiring entries.  Check them out below and click the images to view their full entry and school they are currently attending. Let us know who your favorites are from this week! Enjoy! Derek Simon's Entry ...

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