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Let’s Talk about Successes of Dynamic Women across the USA


Have you heard? Whether it’s New York City, Washington DC, Hollywood, even Monroe, CT, New Orleans, or Williamsburg, Virginia, women are making names for themselves.

Women are being celebrated and acknowledged for contributions they have made in business, politics, civil rights, and other fields for work done now and in years before. There’s attention on female-run companies, women in media and marketing, U.S. currency, football, Emmy awards, high-profile graduation speakers, politics, and medicine.

Labor Day Salute to Employees Who Craft USA-made Diploma Frames & Wow Customers

CHC headquartersHere’s a shout out to Church Hill Classics / (CHC / and its employees. It’s a Labor Day accolade for the fact that this Connecticut company has continued to hire people and expand and grow in its nearly 25 years in business. It’s where over 70 awesome employees come to work to promote and craft USA-made frames. When the company first started, it was neighborhood moms helping out.

Perfect Season to Talk About Dogs - Church Hill Classics/ Employees Have Lots to Share

No question…We love, love, love our dogs. They have a way of comforting us, keeping us active, and entertaining us. We aren’t lonely when they are around. We feel happy and protected.


Are you a dog-owner? If so, your dog is among 77.8 million that are living in U.S. households in 2015, according to Statista, an online statistics company. “Wuff!” as your dog might say. That’s a lot of companionship!

Employees of Church Hill Classics/ (CHC) have some pretty wonderful dogs that we want to share with you.

Our Frames Have Resolutions Too!

Don’t worry; this isn’t a cheesy “Our frames have feelings too!” post (even though we do treat our frames with the utmost care). Instead, we decided to poll some of our handcrafted frames right before they shipped out to our customers. We wanted to find out what our frames hope to accomplish this year. Needless to say, we were happy to find that our goals are pretty in sync.

Standing While You Work at Church Hill Classics

Standing at work? Yes, it’s being done by office employees around the country, and it’s happening at Church Hill Classics too! We all know that standing is not the norm in an office setting; usually employees sit at their desks. Standing is a purposeful choice. Three employees here have made the commitment. New Year’s Resolution? Could be for some, but for these employees, the decision didn’t start out that way.

What are Colleges, Universities, and Companies Doing on College Colors Day?

Second part of two

Colleges and universities enjoy College Colors Day not only because college football season is beginning, but also because it gathers all their loyal fans together with some genuine school spirit. Not only are colleges and universities celebrating College Colors day but there are many companies that are celebrating.

Church Hill Classics 2010 Company Picnic

Mother Nature was kind enough to grant us some sun, much less humidity, and no rain last Thursday, making it the perfect day for our 2010 company picnic here at Church Hill Classics!