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I just wanted to say my diploma frame arrived, and it is beautiful. I had one for my B.A. and it was so nice, I ordered another (matching) for my Master's. They look great and you folks do a remarkable job!! I will recommend you to everyone I know! Thanks again.

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Let’s Talk about Successes of Dynamic Women across the USA


Have you heard? Whether it’s New York City, Washington DC, Hollywood, even Monroe, CT, New Orleans, or Williamsburg, Virginia, women are making names for themselves.

Women are being celebrated and acknowledged for contributions they have made in business, politics, civil rights, and other fields for work done now and in years before. There’s attention on female-run companies, women in media and marketing, U.S. currency, football, Emmy awards, high-profile graduation speakers, politics, and medicine.

Standing While You Work at Church Hill Classics

Standing at work? Yes, it’s being done by office employees around the country, and it’s happening at Church Hill Classics too! We all know that standing is not the norm in an office setting; usually employees sit at their desks. Standing is a purposeful choice. Three employees here have made the commitment. New Year’s Resolution? Could be for some, but for these employees, the decision didn’t start out that way.

SHE MEANS BUSINESS – The Stuff Movies are Made of!

Church Hill Classics is a hardworking, innovative, and competitive certified woman-owned business. Women entrepreneurs are constantly challenging the business structure. Women entrepreneurs not only create businesses, jobs, and economic growth, but they show everyone out there that risks are worth taking, even if they fail.  Is this the stuff that movies are made of?  Why, yes!   SHE MEANS BUSINESS is a documentary film project about women entrepreneurs created by two women, available on Kickstarter.

Women’s History Month- Why We are Thankful

Women's History MonthWritten by: Gabriella Ranieri, 2011-2012 Church Hill Classics Marketing Intern

For so long, women were forced to play a part; a part that stripped them from the right to be an individual and to essentially think for themselves. The mere idea of a woman wanting to learn more than what was expected of her was something very threatening to the male gender. The only question that can arise from this archaic mentality is why? Perhaps it’s because men sensed that women are just as capable of making a change, if not more so, than the average man and the thought of sharing the spotlight with those of an “inferior” nature was utterly unthinkable.

Power Your Dream - Women's Business Conference

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) is hosting their "Power Your Dream" Women's Business Conference 2009 in Chicago this week!  Executives from among Americas 10.1 million women-owned businesses will come together June 24 - 26 for networking, inspirational speakers, ground-breaking trends, and to share actionable business strategies. "From exclusive international pathways and sustainable business practices, to meaningful advocacy platforms and community impact, the conference ...