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Damaging Elements to Framed Documents and Artwork

  What are the most damaging elements to a framed document? Your artwork is vulnerable to damage from many different sources, below are the descriptions of some of the most pervasive causes of deterioration, which include: moisture, insects, acids and light.   Moisture Damage        Any framed document or piece of work is vulnerable to damage if moisture from the air is absorbed into the paper causing the paper to warp, or encourage the growth of mol ...

Guide to Properly Storing Your Art

If you are planning to store your artwork, there are several ways to safely store and preserve the work.  Instead of rolling up your document or print and placing it in a poster tube, valuable pieces should be kept flat to avoid causing wrinkles, folds, deterioration, and other types of damage that can occur while storing a rolled piece for a long period.  Listed below are some ways to properly protect your artwork for long- or short-term storage. Appropriate Storage: Encapsulatio ...

Saving Your Art After a Natural Disaster or Flood

What generally comes to mind during the hot months of summer are beaches, swimming, barbeques, picnics, vacation ... what we don't like to think about are the tropical storms, flooding, mud slides, hurricanes, earthquakes and other various catastrophic events that happen throughout the world. I, myself, have been fortunate enough to never have gone through such an occurrence, but those who have seem to explain that their heartache is not specifically because of their car, their house, their ravaged property…but rather, they lost their daughters baby pictures, their wedding photos, military documents, their son's first finger painting, as well as high school and college diplomas.
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