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Take Photos of Your Pets

Click!  Just look at your pet parrot, with its hooked beak, black eyes, and brilliant colored feathers of chartreuse green and lemony yellow.  Click!  Click!  How about your cat in a relaxing pose on a cushy chair?  Or even your pet dog, as his inquisitive face looks straight into your eyes. The thing is, nowadays, people treat their pets more and more like family members.  People are having formal pet portraits taken of their animals.   Besides that, they are na ...

Landscape Photos

From a snow covered mountain range, to a tropical island, to a busy highway; a nice landscape can be found just about anywhere. Photographing landscapes can be quite different than photographing people; therefore these tips will help you take breathtaking scenic pictures that are unlike other photographs you often take. 1. Be creative! As a photographer, it is your job to find beauty in any environment. Pick something interesting that catches the eye. Even if there is a specific object that stands out, it ...

Graduation Day: How to Take Better Photos

As a parent or relative of a graduating student from either high school or college, you are probably experiencing many emotions during this time of year. Graduation will be one of the most important ceremonies your child or loved one will ever experience. Of course, you will be there to watch them receive their diploma and throw their cap in the air along with their entire graduating class.  But you also want to capture every moment and emotion on this important day. These tips can help you take great graduation photos that are full of emotion.  There is no better way to capture and relive those irreplaceable moments in life.

Tips for Taking Great Photos of People

With the nice spring weather, you will probably have the opportunity to take many great pictures of your family and loved ones as reminder and keepsake of the time you spent together. To make your special occasions even more memorable we have come up with some tips to help you take better photos of the people around you. PLACEMENT In order to feel the emotion in photographs, focus on the eyes and mouth of the subject. For children or pets, get down to their level to really capture ...
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