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I was so pleased with the frame when I received it, it is so beautiful and the customer service individuals were very responsive. Then, months later,.....My office got flooded when the pipes in the building burst. Frame and diploma remained intact!!! So pleased---- thank you!!!!
Elizabeth S., CT

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Conservation Terms

As a custom framer, collector, or artist, there are many terms that relate to framing and conservation that are important to be familiar with.  Check out the reference list of key terms that apply to the preservation, restoration, or framing of art and documents.

Valentine's Day Decorating

Decorating for Valentine's Day can add flourishes and touches to different spots in one's home with its red hearts, bows, lace, and candles. Decorating for Valentine's Day may not be something everyone has done before, but it's bound to make a fun, special atmosphere around the house. There are many decorating ideas to get in the mood for Valentine's Day.

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

Have you ever looked at your Grandmother or great Grandmother's wedding gown? Besides the obvious old fashioned style, chances are the gown has holes, stains, and discolored spots all over it. These days, wedding gowns cost around $1,000 and that is on the lower end! It's a shame that most women only get the chance to wear the dress for one day after spending so much time, money and effort on such a beautiful cornerstone of your wedding day. Whether your gown is a vintage tradition or a brand new gown, use the following tips to preserve your wedding gown so it can be passed down from generation to generation just like your great Grandmother's.

How to Display Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding dress will probably be one of the most sentimental and treasured items you'll ever want to preserve and keep for generations to come. After the amount of time it takes to find the perfect dress and the memories you have wearing the dress on your special wedding day, you'll most likely want to cherish this special gown. Consider framing your wedding dress in a beautiful shadow box. This will preserve the dress, keep it safe from harmful light or dust, and allow you to pass your dress on to several generations to come. 

Fall Photography Tips

With autumn's arrival and the holidays on the way, now is a great time of year to take out your camera and start capturing beautiful, vibrant outdoor photos.  Below are some useful tips to help you take rich and captivating photos of the colorful season. 1.  To create a more interesting photo, don't try to capture everything you see.  By choosing something with visual appeal or interest, such as a fence, tree or a bridge and placing it off-center, will add greater depth to your photo, an ...

Shipping Frames with Glass

Since Church Hill Classics is an expert in diploma and picture framing, we have had a great deal of experience in finding the best way to safely ship frames with glass. There are many little things that come into consideration that make a big difference during the shipping process. 

Do's & Don'ts of Packing Art & Collectibles

When packing and handling any valuable artifact or piece of art, it is very important to spend the time and effort planning the proper techniques to pack and transport the item. The requirements vary depending on the value of the piece, although the central premise of assuring that it gets to and from its destination unbroken is a critical consideration. Art Packing Example Thanks to I.T.S.: International Transport Services Special consideration for packing and shipping valuable art: Whether your ...

Hanging Art in a Wallpapered Room

If you are planning to hang framed artwork on a wallpapered wall, here is a great idea to avoid poking holes in the wallpaper that are difficult to repair later. To minimize damage to the wallpaper, use a straight edge to cut a small "V" in the paper where you plan to insert the nail, then gently peel the V-shaped piece of wallpaper up.  next, insert the nail within the "bare wall" opening while holding the top of the V-shaped piece of wallpaper up and out of the way.  You can hang your pictu ...

Protect Your Documents from Acid Damage!

"Archival Mist" Document Preservation Spray If you are looking for a quick way to protect your historical family documents from the damaging effects of acid, there is a product available called Archival Mist. Archival Mist is a solution that will extend the life of paper materials by up to five times!  It works by continuously absorbing acids in paper, essentially making the paper acid-free!  The spray solution comes in a 5.3 oz. pump bottle which dries quickly, leaves no odor, and continues ...

Picture Frame Hangers with No Tools & No Anchors!

With the new Thumbs Up! hanger system you can easily and quickly hang framed art and mirrors up to 25 pounds without the use of any tools!  For heavier items use two hangers for a secure and guaranteed hold.  The Thumbs Up! hanger is a secure locking anchor that attaches framed art to drywall in just a few easy steps, leaving just a small hole in the wall.  To see a demo of how easy this new product is to use, click here! This new product is not available in hardware or home improv ...