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Let’s Talk about Successes of Dynamic Women across the USA


Have you heard? Whether it’s New York City, Washington DC, Hollywood, even Monroe, CT, New Orleans, or Williamsburg, Virginia, women are making names for themselves.

Women are being celebrated and acknowledged for contributions they have made in business, politics, civil rights, and other fields for work done now and in years before. There’s attention on female-run companies, women in media and marketing, U.S. currency, football, Emmy awards, high-profile graduation speakers, politics, and medicine.

Labor Day Salute to Employees Who Craft USA-made Diploma Frames & Wow Customers

CHC headquartersHere’s a shout out to Church Hill Classics / (CHC / and its employees. It’s a Labor Day accolade for the fact that this Connecticut company has continued to hire people and expand and grow in its nearly 25 years in business. It’s where over 70 awesome employees come to work to promote and craft USA-made frames. When the company first started, it was neighborhood moms helping out.

Perfect Season to Talk About Dogs - Church Hill Classics/ Employees Have Lots to Share

No question…We love, love, love our dogs. They have a way of comforting us, keeping us active, and entertaining us. We aren’t lonely when they are around. We feel happy and protected.


Are you a dog-owner? If so, your dog is among 77.8 million that are living in U.S. households in 2015, according to Statista, an online statistics company. “Wuff!” as your dog might say. That’s a lot of companionship!

Employees of Church Hill Classics/ (CHC) have some pretty wonderful dogs that we want to share with you.

Father's Day - Tribute to My Dad

Dad putting

Dads who are there for us deserve a lot of praise on Father’s Day or any day. Those who help by reading a story and putting their children to bed or who play with their kids, have conversations, help them when they are sick, watch a movie (whether scoring high on Rotten Tomatoes or not), discuss schoolwork, and devote time to choosing a college, and giving other support as they become adults, and beyond that…those are the dads I’m talking about. That is how my dad has always been.

Artwork Captures College Buildings in Diploma Frames, and it's Personal

Hartwick College Campus Cameo Diploma Frame
When I’ve visited my sons’ colleges, Hartwick College in Oneonta, New York, and Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, I noticed that certain campus buildings stood out to me. Maybe you have experienced this too. 

Buildings that look like they’ve been part of a campus for a long time have a lot of character and an interesting past.

Celebrating Our Graduates! Way to go!!


When May and June come round, so does the anticipation and excitement for graduation.  Whether you're a fifth grader transitioning to middle school, or a high school senior or college student preparing to accept your diploma, you know that family and friends are proud and rooting for you! Photos show up on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

Colgate University Bookstore – Interactive & Fun for the Whole Community

Colgate University Bookstore Staff photo
Colgate Bookstore in upstate New York is not what you’d expect from a University bookstore. The staff not only serves its Colgate University students and campus employees, but the store also is a fun place for the whole community. Yes, there are diploma frames and other normal college items available for students and alumni, but there’s so much more…

Covered Bridge Resonates with Messiah College Students, Alumni, & Staff

Messiah College Stoner BridgeA well-loved, much used way for students, alumni, staff, and others to get around Messiah College’s Pennsylvania campus is their own historic covered bridge, built in 1867. This iconic structure, unusual for a college campus is a popular image that graces two of their diploma frames.

Messiah College’s covered bridge, commonly called the Stoner Bridge (named in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Jacob S. Stoner who donated the bridge  to the college), but also known as the Bowmansdale Covered Bridge, is one of only a handful of covered bridges actually located on college campuses in the United States.

Wabash College Still Has Sheepskin Diplomas and Other Interesting Info

Sheepskin diplomas are not prevalent at all, although they once were. Yet, for Wabash College in Indiana, the tradition of giving sheepskin diplomas to its graduates continues. This coming May will be no exception. At the college’s 176th Commencement ceremony last May, its 172 graduates received sheepskin diplomas, as always. The college also carries on its tradition as an all-male college.

Inspiration from Colleges & Universities in the New Year

It’s the New Year, and it’s natural that we think about what’s ahead for us. Some wonderful motivation comes from our institutions of higher learning. Colleges & universities have Mission Statements.