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National Scholarship Month

November is National Scholarship Month, and although squeezing more work into your already frantic schedule may not seem like the best cause for celebration, free money for college certainly is. So how can you celebrate National Scholarship Month? If you haven't yet begun finding and applying for scholarships, now is the time.  While it's commonly recommended that students start searching for scholarships their junior year of high school, November is a great time to begin regardless of your grade le ...

One Veteran's Story - Revisiting the Past

He was sitting at an outdoor café in Europe with his tour group, wearing a cap that said, "World War II Veteran, Served with Pride," and a customer in the restaurant leaned down and put his hand on his shoulder and simply said, "Thank you." "You know what they're referring to," recalled Herbert Rosenberg of Trumbull, CT. "It really got to you.  It touched me." Herb, and his grandson, Jordan, who recently graduated from Skidmore University and has a great interest in history, went toge ...

Knowing Which Glass to Choose

So, you have artwork, or a diploma, a photo or a document that you want to frame and protect from airborne pollutants.  The type of "glazing" you choose for your picture frame glass will depend on your budget, the items you are framing, and where you are hanging your pieces. Do you want a glossy shine so that something in the art stands out?  Or maybe you’ll choose one that doesn't easily reflect light for a more muted look. There ar ...

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