Millionaire Mom - Church Hill Classics
The frame is absolutely beautiful. My son graduates from the University of Kentucky this December (2014) and I know he will love the frame. Very classic and will look good in any office or home. Thank you so much for such a good product.
Karen W., Greenville, KY

Millionaire Mom

Lucie Voves will be featured on the radio program “Millionaire Mom” which profiles Mom’s who are also business-owners.  The program host, Joyce Bone, spoke with Lucie about her experience building Church Hill Classics and from a moonlighting home-based venture in 1991 to a multi-million dollar company with a national customer base today.  She discusses her decision to leave corporate America in order to become her own boss and have the flexibility to raise her family on her own terms.  Lucie also provides tips about the value of building a team of trusted advisors, networking, and the benefits of maintaining a nimble entrepreneurial culture.

The radio show and companion website focuses on women who strive to juggle their number one priority--their families--with their desire to have a successful business they can call their own.  The site is targeted to women who figured out that the corporate environment doesn't fit into our vision of how we want to raise our family.  Their goal is to create successful entrepreneurs, one family at a time.  For relevant articles on and about building a business as a woman and a Mom, check out